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Tarot Girl, Vintage Book and Letters Washi Tape (Set of 3)
Tarot Girl, Vintage Book and Letters Washi Tape (Set of 3)
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    Tarot Girl, Vintage Book and Letters Washi Tape (Set of 3)



    • Tarot Girl: 1.57 inches x 16 feet (4cm x 5m)
    • Letters: 1.18 inches x 16 feet (3.0cm x 5m)
    • Mystical Mermaid: 1.38 inches x 16 feet (3.5cm x 5m)
    • Washi tape with to-peel backing

    Navy Peony's Tarot Girl, Vintage Book and Letters Washi Tape Set comes in 3 rolls of unique designs, featuring a roll with a shimmering galaxy of Tarot Girl (1.57 inches x 16 feet), Letters (1.18 inches x 16 feet), and Vintage Book (1.38 inches x 16 feet)
    • A MOONCHILD, A READER AND A WANDERER. Sunter into the mythical wilderness with tarot cards washi tape. Each book brings you into a magical world of assortments. Vintage home antiques add charm to your craft.
    • TOP NOTCH QUALITY. High-quality masking tape is printed with a special glossy accent that highlights design details. Intricate hand-painted illustrations in vibrant colors.
    • RELEASE PAPER RETAINS ADHESIVENESS. All tapes come with release-paper that you peel off before sticking. This keeps the adhesive lasts longer. You can also cut and store designs for future use!
    • DURABLE, EASY TO USE AND REMOVE. Washi tapes are durable, waterproof, and leave no residue when you remove them. Snip off the end of the release-paper to keep the roll in place while storing.
    • PERFECT FOR JOURNALING, ARTS & CRAFT. Decorate your planner, journal, and scrapbook, use them in any DIY projects. Bring your fantasy to life with these magical world designs.