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About Us

Made with you in mind

At Navy Peony, we believe that life is a journey with different seasons within ourselves and there is a time for everything. There is always a way, or a first step that you can take at your own pace to find what is meaningful and important to you. In every season, Navy Peony is here to inspire and highlight your journey with our thoughtful creations.

We hope our elements give you free rein to expand your imagination. We invite you to create your own experiences and craft a life uniquely yours. Use our designs to track your productive streak, express your emotions, or to fill in the blanks when no pen strokes can describe. Each element is made with you in mind.

We are on this life journey together and we are here to take the first step with you. Where are you now? What season are you in? Tell your story.

Founder's Story

When I started Navy Peony in 2017, I was entering into a new season in my life. My then fiancé, now husband, and I were in a long-distance relationship for seven years, we lived in different countries and we were getting married.

  • I wanted to close the distance, but I didn’t want to give up the fulfillment I had in a rewarding career.
  • I wanted to feel empowered, in control of the paths I choose, and not feel that I sacrificed.
  • I wanted to have time at my disposal to spend with my loved ones.
  • I wanted to build something that can sustain my needs and aspirations.
  • I wanted a life simpler, but no less fulfilling.

    Relationships and time were the most important things to me at that juncture. I took the first step by putting up a website, learning how to find good products, and experimented with selling on different platforms. I started small and imperfectly. I made mistakes and I learned lessons.

    Through grit and grace, Navy Peony grew into a small, passionate team based in Southeast Asia -- Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. Beautiful things inspire us, we aspire to make things that will impact your lives.