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Navy Peony Chicago State Travel Stickers
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    Navy Peony Chicago State Travel Stickers



    • EXPLORE THE HEART OF CHICAGO! Delve into the vibrant energy and cultural tapestry of Chicago with our captivating sticker set. Featuring iconic landmarks like the towering Willis Tower, the reflective Bean sculpture, and the lively Navy Pier, our collection celebrates the essence of the city that never fails to inspire awe.

    • 28 PIECES OF DIE-CUT TRAVEL STICKERS. Each sticker is a testament to Chicago's architectural marvels, cultural icons, and culinary delights. With meticulous attention to detail, our stickers range from 1 to 3 inches, perfect for adorning your travel journal, scrapbook, laptop, or phone case with a touch of Chicago's charm.

    • VERSATILE & MEMORABLE. Share the excitement of Chicago with loved ones or keep these stickers as cherished mementos of your Windy City adventures. Each sticker narrates a tale of exploration, from the majestic skyline views atop the Willis Tower to the iconic Chicago River architecture tour.

    • PERFECT FOR EVERY PROJECT. From decorating postcards to personalizing souvenirs, our Chicago-themed stickers are the ideal size for any creative endeavor. Whether you're showcasing the iconic Chicago Theater Sign or paying homage to the city's culinary delights like Deep-Dish Pizza and Chicago Style Hot Dogs, our stickers add a touch of Chicago flair to all your projects.

    • WATERPROOF, EASY-PEEL & DURABLE. The waterproof and tear-proof paper makes our stickers highly durable and not easily damaged when handling. The matte lamination gives the surface a non-glossy finish. These stickers are suitable for laptops, tablets, and water bottles. We recommend hand-wash only. Frequent exposure to high water temperatures in the dishwasher can deteriorate the adhesiveness of the stickers quickly.