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Spring Cleaning to Welcome 2021
Spring Cleaning to Welcome 2021
Navy Peony December 30, 2020

What Have We Been Up To

Much has happened in the year 2020. There were ups and there were downs, all in all, things have mostly been unpredictable this year. We know that it hasn’t been easy for most of us to adapt to this pandemic and to the new normal. Some may have felt anxious, emotionally overwhelmed, distanced, or depleted. Some may be grieving, while some may have sought comfort in being able to spend a lot more quality time at home with their loved ones. 

This has brought us to think deeply about how we want to make our products going forward. We hope to make products that will bring a glimmer of hope if your world is bleak. We also hope our products will complement like a rainbow to the sunshine that you are basking in. Rain or shine, we want to make our products with you in mind.

What Can You Expect From Us 

We have been spending the past few months revamping our design and website to bring meaningful quality products to you. We studied your reviews and feedback (yes! we read all of them!) to ensure your suggestions are incorporated into our new designs. 

Here, featuring our new product, the Motivational and Mindfulness Planner Stickers that we designed at the height of the pandemic that we hope will help you through this difficult time.

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