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Lettering Our intentions for 2021
Lettering Our intentions for 2021
Navy Peony February 23, 2021

As an avid listener to one of our favorite podcasts – ‘The Stationery Café’ we came across a list of prompts that got us inspired for this blog post - Letter eight words that define your intentions for 2021. We thought this is a great time for us to reflect on what brought us here today, and how we want to define our intentions for 2021.

It all started with a childhood hobby, where stickers were every kid’s most valuable treasure. Growing up, we didn’t have the luxury to buy or own stickers much. Any stickers that we managed to get were so precious to us, and we stuck them in a sticker album. Most of the girls (and a minority of guys) had sticker albums back then and we brought them to school to exchange stickers with our classmates. 

As years go by, in high school and then to our university days, we still had our fair shares of buying stickers and decorating our notebooks and laptops. Who would have guessed that this little passion of ours would grow into a business.

Navy Peony was also a childhood dream of ours. When we were young, we sometimes have make-believe sessions, we daydream about what we will do when we grew up. Not to confuse dreams with the career paths we had to choose academically, we actually wanted to start a business to sell the things we love or run a small café filled with books, making our own coffees and pastries.

Years of working in the corporate world eventually came to an end when we took a leap of faith to pursue this path towards our dreams and passion. It was a big risk to take for the most of us.

Our small little team grew from one person into a team of three over a short span. We were looking for a change. We hope to discover more of ourselves through this uncharted journey, by creating beautiful things to impact your lives. We hope the common interests and goals that we share in our small, passionate team will drive us to be bigger and better.

For 2021, we are full of hope that our small business will continue to flourish. We also want to ensure that the personal growth and the well-being of our team are in our best interests as we aspire to make beautiful things that impact your lives.

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