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Nature, Change and Art with Filipina Artist Designer Chadee Jimenez
Chadee Jiminez Artist Collaboration
Navy Peony April 21, 2021

As we step into the season of new beginnings, we'd love to share with you our very first artist collaboration with Chadee JimenezLet's get to know a little more about Chadee, the talented artist behind Navy Peony's Vintage Spring series.

What inspires you?
Hello, Navy Peony! I take inspiration from nature, especially the plants and birds in the Philippines, and illustrations in old encyclopedias. I live with my family in Antipolo, a city with an abundance of trees, and we’ve been here long enough to see the changing of its topography. As population rises, the trees are getting less and less and this inspires me to advocate for nature through art.

sparrow bird


Which projects did you love working on?
I love projects that involve painting on canvas. I find working on a large painting space refreshing because I usually work on paper or a computer. I haven’t done that in a while and it’s something I also want to pursue this year.

the mind museum
The Mind Museum Earth Day celebration, 2019


What type of journaling is your favorite?
I do a combination of art, list, and bullet journaling. I make a visual board at the beginning of every year. I love seeing my goals as actual pictures, I think it can help us stay motivated. For daily tasks and random thoughts, I do lists and bullets.

visual board journal

Who is your favorite female artist?
Isabel Diaz! The first time I saw one of her beautiful paintings of vibrant blooms was in a client’s home and it was awe-inspiring. I can just stand there all day to marvel at the details of her work. Good art made with impeccable skill can really enrich a space and people’s mood!

Which part of yourself do you want to give more credit to?
I want to give more credit to my openness and acceptance of ideologies that are not my own. It’s something I learned during this pandemic. This period got me reexamining my beliefs and by listening to other people’s world views through podcasts I learned that there is a unifying endeavor among humans which is to live a good life. And to be dogmatic about my own beliefs is to be living in a spirit of division, pointless anger, and passing judgment. There is freedom and room for love to grow in openness and acceptance.

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